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Administrative clerk

Administrative clerk

Job Offers
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Administrative clerk
Job Responsibilities:
Responsible for the internal affairs of the administrative department
job requirements:
1. Male, bachelor degree or above, age 30-35 years old;
2, cadres/administrative posts of enterprises and institutions for more than 3 years of similar work experience, can be familiar with the operation of office equipment;
3. Engaged in cultural propaganda, website maintenance management and quality management system, with strong copywriting planning and writing skills.
4. Have strong ability to organize and organize large-scale activities, communicate and coordinate language expression and implement ability;
5, physical health, personal image, hard work, cheerful personality, work hard, team awareness.
6, now living in Zibo City Zhangdian or Fujian, the height of 170 or more
1. Age: 28-36 years old
2. Education: Bachelor degree or above, major in business management, business administration, law, etc.
3. Experience: More than 2 years of experience in comprehensive and administrative management of large and medium-sized enterprises.
Main job responsibilities
1. Responsible for the operation review of the company's quality system;
2. Responsible for company system document management and implementation inspection;
3. Assist the department manager to do a good job in corporate culture construction and publicity and reporting, and be able to independently complete the maintenance and update of the website;
4. Responsible for the follow-up inspection of the company's key work or project progress
5. Assist the department manager to do daily administrative work;
6, with outreach capabilities;
7. Complete other tasks assigned by the company's leadership;
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