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Operation clerk

Operation clerk

Job Offers
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Operation clerk
Job Responsibilities:
1. Assist the department manager to formulate the company's annual business development strategies, plans, business management objectives, and supervise and check the completion of business objectives.
2. Perform various functions of the management committee and assist in organizing the convening of company-level meetings.
3. Responsible for the preparation, signing and issuance of notices for company-level meetings.
4. The company's standardization management planning and standards revision, review and release.
5. Responsible for the review and management of working hours application and work planning.
6. Other temporary work.
job requirements:
1. Female, bachelor degree or above, married and born, age 30-35 years old;
2, there are clerk (secret) / administrative positions of enterprises and institutions for more than 3 years of similar work experience, able to operate office equipment proficiently;
3. Have certain legal common sense, strong writing ability, event planning ability, communication and understanding ability;
4, team cooperation and implementation awareness; physical mental health, personal image, cheerful personality, hard work, strong team awareness.
5, now living in Zibo City, Zhangdian, Fujian, Taiwan, height 158 ​​or more.
Job Responsibilities:
1. The design and planning of the company's institutional system, and the organization completed the revision of the system.
2. The revision and formulation of the in charge of the system, including the management of the management, procurement, sales, etc. without the competent department.
3. Risk management and control measures are formulated and managed.
4. Guidance and supervision of subordinate unit system construction.
5. Collaborative process design, change, and audit management.
6. System release, training, and implementation supervision and management.
7. Revision, review and release of the company's standardized management plan and standards.
8. Participate in corporate strategic planning and target decomposition. Participate in business management analysis.
9. Add temporary work.
job requirements:
1. College degree or above, more than five years of relevant industry experience, more than three years of management experience;
2. The internal and external relationship of the department is coordinated and can be competent for the daily management of the department;
3. The working experience of the enterprise management department or the OA work experience of chemical enterprises (above-scale enterprises) is preferred;
4, have a strong team spirit, able to communicate effectively and solve problems.