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Drawing reviewer

Drawing reviewer

Job Offers
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Drawing reviewer
Job Responsibilities:
1. Is the design plan correct and reasonable (whether the scale of the project is reasonable, the technology is advanced and reliable, the economy is reasonable, and the design specifications are met?
2. Whether the technical measures are correct, whether they are economical, reasonable, and feasible, and whether the design depth meets the requirements.
3. Whether the selection and selection of equipment, instruments and main equipment are reasonable.
4. Design calculations, key drawings, etc. are correct.
5. Compliance with regulatory requirements.
6. Is the design estimate accurate?
7. Whether the connection and cooperation between individual items or unit projects are complete and reasonable.
8. The content format of the design file meets the requirements.
job requirements:
1. Technical secondary school or above, chemical engineering and related majors, ages 50-60, male or female;
2. Have more than 10 years of working experience in the production and deputy general manager and workshop production technology of large and medium-sized chemical enterprises;
3. Have the project leader of the same industry design institute for more than 8 years, more than 3 years of experience in drawing review work, and the intermediate title or above;
4. Strong organizational and coordination skills and communication skills;
5, work carefully, steady and steady, good conduct and strong sense of responsibility.