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Director of Human Resources

Director of Human Resources

Job Offers
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Director of Human Resources
Job Responsibilities:
1. Formulate long-term human resources planning and annual plans according to the company's overall development strategy plan;
2. Establish and improve the human resources management system, design the human resource management model (including the comprehensive construction of recruitment, performance, training, compensation and employee development systems), and formulate and improve the management system;
3. Responsible for the construction of the company's cadre team, cultivating backbone strength, building a talent team, and providing human resources support for the company's development;
4. Provide reasonable suggestions for improving the organizational structure of the company, avoiding the risks of employing people and reducing the cost of labor;
5. Create a good corporate culture, promote the company's corporate culture, and enhance employees' sense of belonging and team cohesion.
  job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, age 35-45 years old, 8 years of management experience in large and medium-sized enterprises.
2. Familiar with modern enterprise management model, with experience in planning, implementation and management of human resources work.
3. Integrity, strong execution, analytical judgment and decision-making ability, communication and coordination ability, team building ability.
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