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Chemical Process Design Project Leader

Chemical Process Design Project Leader

Job Offers
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Chemical Process Design Project Leader
1. Projects approved by the company, with the project as the center, comprehensively carry out the plan, and complete the work tasks on schedule according to the work plan.
2. Plan the design project, form a project schedule, and timely and accurately release the task assignment.
3. Grasp the design of the project schedule, carry out the corresponding design progress supervision, record the analysis anomaly, form a work report and report it.
4. Statistics and analysis of the workload of designers, performance appraisal, timely adjustment of work arrangements, and maximum performance.
5. Organize project coordination meetings and conduct design project reviews.
6. Complete other tasks assigned by the leadership.
job requirements:
1. Bachelor degree or above, major in engineering management, chemical engineering, etc.
2. Have experience in design and management of large projects. Those who have more than 5 years of experience in design institutes or technicians with more than 8 years of chemical engineering are preferred.
3. Recognize corporate culture, have certain organizational capabilities, have strong communication and management skills, and have certain learning ability and adaptability.
4, extroverted personality, good at communication; passionate, strong sense of teamwork, good at working with others; dedication, dedication; optimistic, enterprising, diligent and pragmatic.
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