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Supplier management, exhibition hall operation and management

Supplier management, exhibition hall operation and management

Job Offers
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JobResponsibilities: 1.Prepareamaterialprocurementcycleplanandorganizeimplementation; 2.Responsibleforthesigning,managementandimplementationoftheprocurementcontract; 3.Responsiblefortheacceptanceofpro
Job Responsibilities:
 1. Prepare a material procurement cycle plan and organize implementation;
 2. Responsible for the signing, management and implementation of the procurement contract;
 3. Responsible for the acceptance of procurement materials, the coordination of after-sales and quality issues, and the settlement of funds;
 4. Responsible for compiling, issuing bidding documents, and organizing bidding;
 5. Responsible for the purchase and storage of materials, responsible for the maintenance and management of inventory materials.
 6. Responsible for finding and collecting suppliers, establishing supplier files, and assessing and managing qualified suppliers.
 Establish a supplier database and maintain it;
 7. Participate in various activities organized by the company and complete other tasks assigned by the company's leaders.
 job requirements:
 1. Bachelor degree or above in automation or mechanical equipment, aged 28-35 years;
 2. In the petroleum, chemical and other related units, engaged in the procurement of electrical instruments and industrial equipment for more than 3 years;
 3. Familiar with the procurement workflow and have market research capabilities;
 4, can control the procurement costs, and constantly look for ways and measures to reduce costs;
 5. Have good communication and coordination and business negotiation skills;
 6. Work proactively, with strong sense of responsibility and good professional ethics.