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Zhongtian Technology Holdings Group leaders celebrate the New Year and hold the "first meeting" of the New Year

Zhongtian Technology Holdings Group leaders celebrate the New Year and hold the "first meeting" of the New Year

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On February 11, the first day of the seventh day of the lunar calendar, at 8:30, the chairman of Shandong Zhongtian Technology Holdings Group, Yang Decheng, general manager Liu Yanqiu, deputy general manager Wei Ruizhu, Sun Ailing led the main heads of various departments, and went to the group headquarters. Every department of the building celebrates the New Year. To each employee who returned to his post on time, he paid a high respect and sent a New Year’s greeting. Liu Yanqiu, the general manager, encourages everyone to cheer up and make progress in the new year, and create greater glories. "I hope that everyone will adjust their mind and body from the state of the festival as soon as possible, carry forward their achievements, make persistent efforts, pick up their sleeves and work hard, and quickly become full of mental state. Invest in all kinds of work.

Later, the leaders drove to Shandong Zhongtian International Equipment Manufacturing Base. In the production workshop of the automation company office and equipment manufacturing company, Chairman Yang Decheng asked in detail about the fire safety situation. "Going home," "To take care of the body," a warm-hearted speech made the staff on the job feel warm and inspiring. Finally, he also sent a New Year greeting to the accompanying staff, thanking everyone for their hard work.

After the end of the New Year, the first meeting of the New Year, which was attended by the main leaders of various departments, was held. At the meeting, Ma Yun first shared the video about entrepreneurial experience. Chairman Yang Decheng talked about his feelings with the entrepreneur. After that, he briefly reviewed the development of various departments of the group in 2018 and put forward requirements for the New Year work. He pointed out:

First, the development of various departments in the past year is still unbalanced. Comments on the development of various departments, highlighting the need to profoundly reflect on the differences in the development of the department, identify the root causes of problems, and overcome difficulties.
The second is to advocate and continue to adhere to the amoeba development model. It is necessary to broadly accumulate talents and screen partners to start a business together. Emphasizing talent is the key to further improve the reserve talent mechanism.
The third is to brainstorm and use our talents to face and solve problems together. Emphasize that there must be a high degree of consideration of the problem, and it is possible to gradually move away from the perspective of the group company.
The fourth is to timely adjust business ideas and set realistic and feasible goals. Every department has a clear goal plan for the New Year.
The fifth is to strengthen execution. The development goal must be clearly defined, and it is necessary to do a good job in the implementation of the power, and do a good job of implementation.
The sixth is to adjust and improve the organizational structure of the department as soon as possible.
Chairman Yang Decheng finally stressed that all departments should unify their thinking, build consensus, focus on the annual business objectives, conscientiously implement the decision-making and deployment of the group companies, and strive to achieve greater improvement in the business sector in 2019 and realize dividend sharing. The administrative logistics department must focus on the overall situation and effectively protect the service.
After Yang Decheng's speech, General Manager Liu Yanqiu stressed: First, we must get inspiration from Ma Yun's speech, cherish the opportunity of entrepreneurship, recognize self-capacity and criticize self, actively adjust entrepreneurial mentality, seize opportunities and build confidence; second, strive to build core The shareholder level advocates the partner mechanism to achieve the "three outlooks", foster a corporate culture of spiritual and material level, and share entrepreneurial achievements; the third is to unify thoughts, unify goals, and work hard.
The heads of the various departments attending the meeting rushed to speak, talked about the feelings and the New Year's plan, and said that they must cherish the entrepreneurial platform of Zhongtian, take the initiative as a responsibility, strive to realize the dream of the entrepreneurial officer, live up to the leadership of the group company and the expectations of the employees, the New Year. Create new achievements!
Let us work together, work together, implement new strategies with practical actions, challenge new goals, and fight 2019!
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