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20000t/d Chlor -Alkali Production Line EPS Project Tan Tien Company in Vietnam

20000t/d Chlor -Alkali Production Line EPS Project Tan Tien Company in Vietnam


General Contracting

Key words:

Product Description


Shandong Zhongtian Technology Engineering Co., Ltd. - Engineering Equipment Company

Based on its strong design capabilities, Engineering Equipment Company has built three major products centered on “Technical Services, Engineering Management and Engineering General Contracting”. Zhongtian Engineering Equipment Co., Ltd. is committed to comprehensive services in the chemical, petrochemical, pharmaceutical and environmental engineering industries, providing customers with a full range of engineering consulting services. At the same time, it provides on-site construction for customers by using the company's comprehensive engineering database, advanced management system and working procedures. Management, safety quality control, cost schedule control and engineering EPC/EPS turnkey services.

Main business scope:

(1) General contracting of the project

Multi-effect evaporation and MVR technology evaporation equipment - for product concentration, wastewater desalination, etc.;

General contracting of denitrification projects, chemical waste gas absorption, and odor removal complete sets of equipment;

Organic waste salt treatment technology;

Optimization of technological transformation of wastewater evaporative energy system (MVR evaporation desalination - organic waste salt incineration purification - general contracting of sludge drying heat recovery project);

Own process package business (chlorine series and sulfur series products);

(2) Project Management

Engineering management of chemical and petrochemical pharmaceutical construction projects

Sewage treatment construction project management

Construction project management

(3) Technical service

Engineering management technical consultation (project application and feasibility study report) for chemical and petrochemical pharmaceutical construction projects;

The process package is well organized;

Engineering construction drawing design (chemical petrochemical medicine, electricity, gas);

Contact number: 0533-7861196/15853331600

Address: 1212, Block B, Advanced Ceramics Innovation Park, No. 125, Liuquan Road, High-tech Zone, Zibo, Shandong, China